31 May 2016

The Columbia Road Flower Market - Exploring My Hometown

This was my second visit to the Columbia Road Flower market in London. I'd been last summer at a later time - Roughly an hour and a half before closing.

Columbia Road Flower Market

This time around I'd arrived at about 9am. Only an hour after opening. Both visits to Columbia Road Flower Market were equally as packed! That's the only down side to a visit here. Don't let that put you off though!

The array of

30 May 2016

A Breakfast Worth Leaving Home For - The Best In London

I'm not much of a morning person, and if you're anything like me you'll need a good enough reason to leave the comfort of your own home for breakfast.
Breakfast In London
Red Velvet Pancakes From The Diner

29 May 2016

Majorelle Gardens In Pictures

Majorelle gardens aka Le Jardin Majorelle is by far the most beautiful and enchanting garden I've ever visited to date. To think we almost didn't go!
Exploring Majorelle Gardens

Majorelle Hot Poker
Majorelle Rhododendron

28 May 2016

Travel Hacking - A Simple Explantion

Travel Hacking

Travel hacking. It sounds extreme. Illegal even - but it isn't. It's just a clever way of hacking your way to lots of points which can be redeemed on a flight, hotel stay or even excursions.

Travel hacking involves the use of credit cards and I have to be honest. Credit cards are my least favourite option but still worth a mention. The problem is, if the card you register for doesn't offer any bonus points, then you could find yourself basically paying for air miles or any other travel rewards that are provided.

However, if you're capable of keeping up with credit card payments, this could be a dream come true for you. So what is travel hacking exactly?

27 May 2016

Coin Laundry - The New Breakfast Menu

Stepping in to the coin laundry we were greeted with a smile and the cool sounds of some 70's music. Coin Laundry is a casual, retro cafe/restaurant with a new breakfast menu.

Coin Laundry
Open from 8am Coin Laundry serve unique breakfast options all under £10.


There are some unique options on the menu, such as grilled

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